Consulting & Prototyping

The LocalSolver team puts its expertise to the service of its clients by providing consulting and prototyping studies in a large range of technical and business areas. These services can take different forms. The most classic is the delivery of a document (business report, technical report, slide presentation) answering the asked questions or even a prototype software producing solutions to the problem. Prototype does not mean "throwing out at the end of the project": our prototypes are developed quickly but following high-standard software quality principles. They are a first step towards customized operational solutions, more substantive functionally and more robust technically.

We can also intervene on site to closely accompany you during your project (for example, as technical or project management assistance) or to resolve a crisis (for example, your decision support application doesn't give solutions, or too slowly). Below, we briefly present some consultancy missions we have completed in the past. For more details, do not hesitate to contact us.

User stories

Bouygues Telecom is the third telecommunications operator in France. Providing mobile, fixed, TV and Internet communication service to 12 million clients, the company has 7,400 collaborators and generates €5 billion in revenues. Bouygues Telecom regularly asks for LocalSolver team to lead complex quantitative studies. These studies sometimes lead to the development of software solutions. Here are some example of themes treated by LocalSolver experts for Bouygues Telecom: study of Bouygues Telecom clients' end of life cycle; in-depth analysis of the consequences of rounded values done in Bouygues Telecom's billing system; planning of changeover from the 2G to the 3G network in order to minimize the interferences; help in elaborating the response to a call for bids of 4G licenses for high speed mobile broadband in France; development of a software solution to optimize the expansion of ADSL and FTTH networks.

Colas UK is a subsidiary of the Colas Group, global leader of the road industry, operating in the United-Kingdom. It offers sustainable solutions for the conception, construction and maintenance of transport infrastructures in the United-Kingdom. Employing 1,400 collaborators, the company has generated a revenue of 260 million pounds. Colas UK has called for the experts of LocalSolver to help it answer a call for bids in roads launched by the city of Portsmouth: the upgrade of 500 km of road network divided in 1,000 sections and maintaining this network in a good state of use during 25 years. To estimate the price of such a commitment, an optimized strategic planning of the construction and maintenance operations on the different roads was necessary in order to maintain the network level at an optimal level for the dealer given the game of rules and penalties defined by the city. The custom-made prototype software developed by the LocalSolver team gave Colas UK the opportunity to obtain, at 0.6%, optimal solutions for this planning problem in less than a minute of calculation time. The software thus allowed the simulation of scenarios (proposition of alternatives, risk analysis). Furthermore the near-optimal nature (proven) of the solutions revealed to be a strong element in negotiations with the city of Portsmouth.

TF1 is one of the first media group in Europe. Its channel TF1 is leader on the audiovisual French market with 27% of viewers and 45% of the advertising market. TF1 operates 16 television channels, 128 radio stations and 15 Internet websites, generating a revenue of €2 billion. The LocalSolver team is regularly sought by TF1 Publicité, advertising department of the TF1 Group. LocalSolver experts have done numerous studies on the behavior of advertisers: price sensitivity, broadcasted program sensitivity, premium advertising space purchase forecast, cancellation forecast, counterproposal politics etc. We have also studied the behavior of viewers of the channel TF1, influencing viewers and so the pricing of television spots: study of attendance of viewers (what is the probability that a viewer sees the totality of an advertising break?), study aiming to improve and automatize the forecast of viewers on the channel TF1, etc. The LocalSolver team also works in the field of Internet advertising. For example, we have led a study on the process of display of advertising banners, shopping-box types, on the Internet websites managed by the TF1 Group. This has led us to propose an algorithm of selection of the product to display to maximize the probability of click by the visitor of the website.

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