Why Choose Us

For more than 20 years, our team has been renowned both in the industrial and academic worlds for its added value and the excellence of the decision support solutions it develops for its clients as well as for its technological innovations in the fields of optimization and decision support, such as LocalSolver, the new-generation mathematical optimization solver.

For our renowned scientific expertise

Our expertise in operations research and decision science is renowned both in the industrial and academic worlds. All members of the LocalSolver team are passionate about mathematics and information technology. They are graduated from prestigious schools and universities. Several ones hold a PhD in these disciplines. Their expertise in optimization and decision support has been recognized individually and collectively: more than 10 prizes have been won by the team during these last 10 years. All our members intervene in optimization and decision support training courses in the top French schools and universities.

Beyond our expertise, we have shown our capacity to innovate in order to satisfy our clients: the members of the LocalSolver team publish regularly in the best scientific journals and conferences in the field. Over the last 10 years, the team accounts for more than 100 scientific publications and communications, among them 20 in first-rank international journals and conferences. For example, have a look at Thierry Benoist and Frédéric Gardi academic webpages. Our innovative optimization software, LocalSolver, developed in collaboration with research scientists from Aix-Marseille Université and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), is the best proof of our expertise in the field of mathematical optimization.

For our capacity to understand your business

Knowing how to solve problems is nothing: the understanding of your business and modeling your problem is crucial. Indeed, taking optimal decisions from a mathematical point of view has no sense if the mathematical model does not represent the reality of the field accurately. Other aspects that should not be neglected are involved in order for a decision support system to be accepted within a company: understanding of the solutions provided to users, robustness of the model in the face of unexpected elements encountered during operations etc. Our methodology and experience in mathematical modelling allow us to provide you clear, comprehensible and robust models. It is a major asset for the success of your project. Furthermore, our capacity to prototype quickly allows to secure your project: we quickly present to you solutions and adjust our models according to your needs during the entire project.

Beyond technical and scientific expertise, our engineers possess qualities that are primordial in the service industry: ability to listen, dynamism and involvement, pragmatism, care for details and sense of quality, loyalty and honesty. They are able to dialog with you and the members of your team in order to anticipate the problems you can encounter during a project and bring the best solutions, by providing proposals and being sources of innovation.

For our methodology in complex project management

Our experts base themselves on a rigorous and proven methodology of project management in order to ensure the success of our services. This methodology touches the different aspect of a decision-support project (modelling, data managements, integration, tests). It was developed and fortified during our 20 years of field experience in operations research and decision science.

Our methodology was the object of a publication in the famous Interfaces review of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), dedicated to the practice of operations research and decision science: Lessons learned from 15 years of operations research for French TV channel TF1.

For our information technology and software engineering skills

Being a software editor, we have a very strong information technology and software engineering culture. All members of the team are experienced computer scientists and programmers, and constantly watch to technology advances and innovations. Each expert perfectly masters several programming languages like Python, C++, Java, C# and are able to quickly adapt to other languages or frameworks, including the most recent or the more ancient ones. Indeed, we never impose a technology: we adapt ourselves to our clients’ environments whatever they be.

Thus, we are able to deliver efficient and reliable applications, perfectly integrated to your information systems. We are particularly fond of problems which have strong operational stakes where decision support appears to be a critical element in the core of the business process. Large-scale complex problems, processing of large amounts of data, short answer response times, numerous demanding users: such challenges do not scare us; on the contrary, this is where we make a difference.

Our development process follows a rigorous methodology, centered on tests (unitary, business, performance) and continuous integration. When we do not develop the entire computer application but only the algorithmic core of the decision support, we accompany you in defining and framing your IT needs (integration, data management, visualization) in order to ensure a perfect technical and functional adherence between our software and your information system and the best possible exploitation of the solutions produced by our decision support engine.

Because our clients recommend us

TF1 Publicité, one of our historical clients, estimates at €20 million the annual savings produced by the optimization solutions developed by the LocalSolver team. Here is a testimony of Laurent Solly, Vice President of TF1 Publicité (2012), about the LocalSolver team:

"The experts of LocalSolver have put their mathematical skills to the service of TF1. They quickly acquired a deep understanding of the TV and advertising business, thus becoming a partner of choice bringing precious quantitative insight helping TF1 to take the right strategic decisions, and able to build powerful operational software optimizing our channel revenues. Their practical contribution covers a wide range of topics. For instance, when TF1 decided last year a radical change in the marketing offer for one third of our sales, the LocalSolver team was involved in this project from the very beginning (definition of offers) to the operational launch (with an OR engine optimizing the advertisement planning every night), since we knew that they would be a key partner in the success of this operation."

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