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LocalSolver is the premier global optimization solver, combining exact and heuristic techniques. Beyond providing you with an efficient and scalable Swiss Army knife for mathematical optimization, the team offers you a dedicated and responsive support to model and solve your problems at hand using LocalSolver.

Do you need a turnkey solution for your business? LocalSolver offers tailored-made business analytics & optimization services as well. For over 20 years, the team has been recognized both in industry and academia for the value and the uniqueness of the decision support solutions it develops for its clients.

  • Discrete, numerical, black-box problems
  • Fast & scalable to million variables
  • Unique, high-level modeling features
  • Easy APIs for Python, Java, C#, C++
  • Innovative, hybrid resolution technology
  • Simple and transparent licensing
  • Dedicated and responsive support
  • Consulting services & bespoke solutions
  • Client-centric, passionate team
  • 20 years of experience, 10 awards
  • Strong information technology expertise
  • Agile and software craftsmanship culture
  • Fixed-price, fixed-deadline commitment
  • Total quality & total satisfaction

Latest posts

LocalSolver keeps on breaking records!

22 Nov

Here is another piece of evidence that LocalSolver is the best solver to tackle scheduling problems. Using a straightforward modeling approach, LocalSolver improves some of the best-known solutions of the Assembly Line Balancing Problem. More »

Interested in doing an internship at LocalSolver?

06 Nov

Are you passionate about Operations Research and Mathematical Optimization? Have a look at our internship offers for the year 2021. More »

Modeling and solving the Aircraft Landing Problem

12 Oct

LocalSolver is the solver of choice to tackle large-scale scheduling problems. As an example, we show here how the Aircraft Landing Problem can be easily modeled and efficiently solved using LocalSolver. More »

Global Optimization with LocalSolver

22 Sep

We are pleased to announce the defense of the doctoral thesis of Simon Boulmier, optimization engineer at LocalSolver. This presentation will conclude our doctoral student's 3 years of research on the theme of Global Optimization with LocalSolver. More »

Broken records for the Movie Shoot Scheduling Problem

09 Sep

We present a new modeling example illustrating the strength of LocalSolver’s external functions to concisely model and efficiently solve complex optimization problems. More »

Solution Repair by Inequality Network Propagation in LocalSolver

31 Aug

Léa, optimization expert at LocalSolver, will give a talk on Solution Repair by Inequality Network Propagation in LocalSolver at the Sixteenth International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (PPSN 2020). More »

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