LocalSolver Cloud

With LocalSolver Cloud, it is now easier than ever to leverage the power of cloud computing and get the best results for your optimization problem in the shortest amount of time. This feature requires no configuration and is provided with all our license plans at no extra cost.

hours of computation at no extra cost

LocalSolver Cloud

Ready in seconds

Download your cloud license file from your account, place it in the project folder of your favorite language (LSP, Python, Java, C#, and C++), and let LocalSolver do the rest. Nothing else to do, nothing else to change.

Freely included in all our license plans

Get up to 10,000 hours of computation per year on our cloud for free with your LocalSolver license. If you need more, you can buy additional time credits at costs depending on your needs and the performance you want for your machines.

Ultra-scalable and ultra-simplified management

Each of your optimization problems runs on its own dedicated worker. Whether you need 1, 10, or 50 resolutions in parallel, our infrastructure follows your needs on the fly without the burden of scheduling or managing machine shutdowns or startups.

Available wherever you are

Available in Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. Our infrastructure automatically selects the area closest to you,
ensuring the best latency and the best performance.

How does LocalSolver Cloud work?

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