Business licenses come with all features of the software. We offer licenses for development purposes as well as for production purposes. Our licensing is simple, covering classical usages found in industrial optimization. The pricing mainly depends on your usage of LocalSolver: development or production use, number and kind of machines to be equipped with LocalSolver, number of concurrent usages allowed on these machines. Please contact us for details about the corresponding prices.






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APIs for Python, Java, C#, C++ [check] [check] [check]
Full modeling features [check] [check] [check]
Full solving capabilities [check] [check] [check]
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Desktop licenses are suitable to equip one or more developers. Server licenses allow to remotely call LocalSolver on development servers.

For production uses, Unlimited licenses allow to develop and deploy business applications unlimitedly for a fixed price. For more details, please contact us.

Startups and SMEs interested in LocalSolver are invited to contact us. We offer you special pricing.

Free trial with support

Please register to apply for a free 30-day Trial license without size restriction. Feel free to contact us to get a dedicated support during your evaluation.

Monthly or annual licenses

Start smoothly: you can use LocalSolver on a monthly basis before acquiring annual licenses. All licenses include full Maintenance & Support services.

Special licensing needs

Please feel free to contact us if your situation requires a specific pricing scheme. We will be pleased to offer you an agreement matching your needs.

Maintenance & Support

Support to model and solve your optimization problems

Our dedicated and responsive support is ensured by seasoned optimization experts who develop LocalSolver and leverage it to solve industrial problems. Your demand is answered within one day, generally within hours. You can contact us by email or phone. Web or physical meetings are possible on demand.

New versions

We release two versions per year. New versions are compatible with the older ones. Then, you benefit from continuous advances of our optimization technology. Nevertheless, our top priority remains you: we work hard to improve the performance of LocalSolver on your problems.

Maintenance of all versions of LocalSolver

We provide corrective patches for any version of LocalSolver. The latest patches for each version are available on demand. If you find a bug in LocalSolver, we provide you with workarounds within hours and work to correct it as soon as possible, generally within days.

Migrations of your licenses

We allow you to migrate your licenses, without extra cost, on new machines in case of crash or replacement of your hardware.

Academic Offer

We offer free Desktop licenses for 1 month to faculty and students. These free licenses, provided without maintenance & support, are renewable. We also offer annual licenses, including maintenance & support services to interested academics, with a big discount rate. All academic licenses are strictly restricted to educational or nonprofit research purposes.

Use LocalSolver for free

Faculty or student? Benefit from free Desktop licenses for 1 month, renewable. Please register to apply for a free Academic license.

Big discount rate

Researcher or teacher? Benefit from cheap annual licenses for research and teaching. Feel free to contact us to have more details about our academic offer.

Special licensing needs

Please feel free to contact us if your situation requires a specific pricing scheme. We will be pleased to offer you an agreement matching your needs.

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