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LocalSolver is a general-purpose optimization solver. This is the world's fastest and most scalable optimization solver for Production Scheduling and Sequencing Problems and its numerous variants. Here are some production scheduling problems that LocalSolver solves in seconds:

  • Flow Shop Scheduling Problem (FSSP)
  • Job Shop Scheduling Problem (JSP)
  • Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem (FJSP)
  • Open Shop Scheduling (OSSP)
  • Batch Scheduling Problem
  • Cyclic Scheduling Problem
  • Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem (RCPSP)
  • Multi-Mode and Multi-Skill Project Scheduling Problem
  • Project Scheduling with Production and Consumption of Resources
  • Assembly Line Balancing Problem (ALBP)
  • Straight-Type Assembly Line Balancing Problem
  • U-Shaped Assembly Line Balancing Problem
  • Parallel Assembly Line Balancing Problem
  • Mixed-Model Assembly Line Balancing Problem
  • Car Sequencing with Assembly-Shop Spacing Constraints
  • Car Sequencing with Paint-Shop Batching Constraints
  • Scheduling Problems with Sequence-Dependent Setup Times (SDST)
  • Scheduling Problems with Changeover Times
  • Scheduling Problems with Maximal Time-Lags
  • Scheduling Problems with Deadlines
  • Scheduling Problems with Batches
  • Scheduling Problems with Preemption

LocalSolver Python code for Job Shop Scheduling Problem (JSP)

LocalSolver Python code for Job Shop Scheduling Problem (JSP)

Performance benchmarks

Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem

Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem (FJSP)

Simple Assembly Line Balancing Problem

Simple Assembly Line Balancing Problem (SALBP)

Bin Packing Problem (BPP)

Bin Packing Problem (BPP)

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Customer testimonials

  • We optimize our channel revenues thanks to LocalSolver. Versatile, fast, and scalable, it helps us solve problems involving millions of decision variables in minutes. We estimate the resulting gains at up to 2% of the turnover per year.

    Beyond, the LocalSolver team quickly acquired a deep understanding of the TV and advertising business, thus becoming a partner of choice. They bring us powerful software solutions but also precious quantitative insights helping TF1 make the right strategic decisions.

    Emmanuel Guyot, Customer Marketing and Revenue Management Director, TF1

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  • I have worked with LocalSolver to solve several large-scale optimization projects in highly dynamic environments. LocalSolver has proven instrumental in finding high-quality solutions within minutes to satisfy the needs for dynamic re-planning. I have found that the unique expressiveness of LocalSolver's modeling API and the highly knowledgeable support team make LocalSolver my go-to choice for complex optimization problems.

    Tommy Clausen, OR Specialist, cVation A/S

  • We developed the Pasco supply chain optimization model using LocalSolver within a few days of work. LocalSolver provides outstanding solutions, as considered by Pasco planners, in just a few minutes of running times, while the number of variables is gigantic (tens of millions). We could not imagine that such a feat was possible at first, since state-of-the-art MILP solvers like Cplex, Xpress, or Gurobi were unable to tackle the problem in hours. Now we know that using LocalSolver, it's possible!

    Shinichi Kuroda, Pasco SCM Optimization Project Director, Future Architect

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  • We use LocalSolver for several optimization problems including the scheduling of door manufacturing in car factories and the optimization of empty packaging return flows. What we appreciate most is the incomparable ease of modeling provided by LocalSolver formalism. Besides, exchanging with the LocalSolver team is always extremely fruitful and highly pleasant.

    Alain Nguyen, Head of Operations Research, Renault

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  • Preparing Fret SNCF train drivers’ schedules is a complex task involving many operational and regulatory constraints. To solve this highly combinatorial problem, we were looking for a solver capable of handling this complexity and providing high-quality solutions in short running times. LocalSolver was the best solver on the market for this task. It now allows us to compute new optimized plannings every year and to adapt these schedules regularly to meet new requirements.

    Vincent Chmielarski, Head of Operations Research, Fret SNCF

  • We use LocalSolver in our timetabling and resource allocation solutions for universities. Assigning the right student to the right room with the right teacher is always a challenging task, with many complex constraints: room capacities, shared resources, course precedence, personalized curriculum, subgroups, and many others… But LocalSolver is a great engine. We are very glad about the results we have been able to get with it even for large size problems!

    Luis Franco de Campos Pinto, Co-Founder, Zero Gap

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