Vehicle Routing

LocalSolver is a general-purpose optimization solver. This is the world's fastest and most scalable optimization solver for Vehicle Routing Problems (VRP) and its numerous variants. Here are some vehicle routing problems that LocalSolver solves in seconds:

  • Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)
  • Traveling Salesman Problem with Time Windows (TSPTW)
  • Traveling Salesman Problem with Profits
  • Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP)
  • Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (CVRPTW)
  • Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time Windows (PDPTW)
  • Prize Collecting Vehicle Routing Problem
  • Team Orienteering Problem
  • Vehicle Routing Problem with Profits
  • Vehicle Routing Problem with Preassignments
  • Multiple Depot Vehicle Routing Problem (MDVRP)
  • Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem (SDVRP)
  • Vehicle Routing Problem with LIFO
  • Vehicle Routing Problem with Backhauls
  • Vehicle Routing Problem with Transshipment
  • Heterogeneous or Mixed Fleet Vehicle Routing Problem
  • Time Dependent Vehicle Routing Problem (TDVRP)
  • Dial-a-Ride Problem (DARP)
  • Periodic Vehicle Routing Problem
  • Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem
  • Inventory Routing Problem (IRP)
  • Electric Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Dependent Charging Costs

LocalSolver Python code for Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP)

LocalSolver Python code for Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP)

Performance benchmarks

Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)

Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)

Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP)

Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP)

K-Means Clustering (MSSC)

K-Means Clustering (MSSC)

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Customer testimonials

  • LAC (Logistics & Automation Consulting) has found more than an ally in its partner LocalSolver, the world's best-performing optimization engine for solving complex problems. LAC took full advantage of the capabilities of LocalSolver, to develop custom solutions tailored around the customer's problem, offering real bespoke software delivering high-performance results. Finally, InTime was born from this partnership, LAC software for the optimized planning of truckloads and deliveries, generating savings of up to 20% of the direct costs of the activity for its users.

    Fabio Bursi, Senior Partner, Logistics & Automation Consulting (LAC)

  • I have worked with LocalSolver to solve several large-scale optimization projects in highly dynamic environments. LocalSolver has proven instrumental in finding high-quality solutions within minutes to satisfy the needs for dynamic re-planning. I have found that the unique expressiveness of LocalSolver's modeling API and the highly knowledgeable support team make LocalSolver my go-to choice for complex optimization problems.

    Tommy Clausen, OR Specialist, cVation A/S

  • This journey started more than two years ago. Because of the excellent support provided by the LocalSolver team, PosAm has managed to win the project in a very competitive international tender where many of the big names of supply chain optimization participated. Thank you again for all the effort that makes LocalSolver such a technically brilliant product and for the excellent level of support.

    Tomas Simovic, Senior Optimization Expert, PosAm

  • To carry out our project of solving a Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP), we were looking for a powerful optimization solver. We came across LocalSolver, which could handle large-scale problems and find high-quality solutions. It is our pleasure to work with the team of LocalSolver optimization experts on the project.

    Masaki Oshikawa, Principal, and Hidenari Uoi, Lead Data Scientist, BrainPad Inc.

  • The innovating features of LocalSolver and its unique modeling formalism have allowed us to solve numerous problems on which we could not find satisfying solutions with MIP solvers. LocalSolver's performance greatly surpasses our expectations on the TSP, matching, and facility location problems we're working on. In one year, we have optimized €160 million with an average gain of 12%. The reactive and precise support given by Nikolas has dramatically helped us move forward quickly on our projects.

    Renaud Lacour, Modeling Expert Consultant, Newton Vaureal Consulting

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