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Surrogate modeling

Reduce your simulation time by orders of magnitude thanks to innovative Surrogate Modeling techniques. 

Manage discrete variables

Solve a wide range of problems mixing quantitative and discrete decision variables (float, bool, int, set, list).    

Analytical constraints

Add constraints analytically to your optimization model by using built-in nonlinear mathematical operators. 

Black-box constraints

Use the output values of your simulation anywhere in your optimization model: constraints and objectives. 

Leverage past simulations

Save still more simulation time by using previous simulation results to warm-start LocalSolver.

Adapt to any runtime

A call to the simulation may require seconds, minutes, or hours of running time: LocalSolver adapts.  

Adapt to any landscape

The solution space can be nonlinear, nonconvex, nonsmooth, and highly noisy: LocalSolver adapts. 

Black-box optimization

Adapt to any black-box optimization problem: from design optimization to hyperparameter tuning. 


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LocalSolver has been tested and confirmed by our team as the best GLOBAL optimizer available on the market. With this optimizer and innovative approaches, the Maxflow app has a superior optimization capability for its automated workflows.

Chau Le President, Maxflow Technology

Developing and deploying a tool like Smart Agri took less than three years. This digital simulation and optimization tool for integrated and organic fertilization was initiated in mid-2015 and has today reached the initial business solution rollout phase. We can support knowledge projects with extremely long-term goals and effectively develop new tools on behalf of our clients and operational performance.

Maria Albuquerque Project Manager, Veolia

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