Supply Chain Network Design

Build your supply chain network design application quickly using LocalSolver,
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build your Supply Chain Network Design applications in weeks

Manage any business constraints and objectives

Opening costs

Define finely the cost to open a facility: fixed or variable, possibly nonlinear. 


Impose minimum and maximum capacities on each facility.

Delivery costs

Evaluate delivery costs using any distance, time, or flow-related metrics.

Location routing problems

Go further by optimizing Location and Routing at the same time.  

Compatibility constraints

Specify which supply facilities can serve each client.

Clustering constraints

Define clusters of clients that the same supply facility must serve.

Exclusion constraints

Force clusters of clients to be delivered by different supply facilities.

Multiple, custom objectives

Model multiple objectives custom to get designs that perfectly suit your needs.


Check our benchmarks on Network Design problems

We maintain benchmarks with the best solvers
in the competition. Use the most powerful optimization technology to solve your Supply Chain Network Design problems.

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We developed the Pasco supply chain optimization model using LocalSolver within a few days of work. LocalSolver provides outstanding solutions, as considered by Pasco planners, in just a few minutes of running times, while the number of variables is gigantic (tens of millions). We could not imagine that such a feat was possible at first, since state-of-the-art MIP solvers like CPLEX, Xpress and Gurobi were unable to tackle the problem in hours. Now we know that using LocalSolver, it’s possible!

Shinichi Kuroda Project Director, Pasco

Your services were a crucial help for our project, and we have total confidence in Julien who, over the years, continues to impress me with the quality of his work, his versatility and his professionalism! True added value and innovative technology.

Alexis Bruno Network Software Architect, Bouygues Telecom

The innovating features of LocalSolver and its unique modeling formalism have allowed us to solve numerous problems on which we could not find satisfying solutions with MIP solvers. LocalSolver’s performance surpasses greatly our expectations on the TSP, matching and facility location problems we’re working on. In one year, we have optimized € 160 million with an average gain of 12%. The reactive and precise support given by Nikolas has greatly helped us in moving forward quickly on our projects.

Renaud Lacour Supply Chain Consultant and Modeling Expert, Newton.Vaureal Consulting

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