LSCallback Interface


LSCallback interface.

Implementing the LSCallback interface enables users to call functions to react to specific events or to call a function regularly during the search. It can be used for example to control when to stop the search or to display some specific information during the search.

Note 1: When a callback is called, the solver is paused. In that state, you can call all the methods marked as “allowed in state S_Paused”. Calling any other method will throw an error.

Note 2: LocalSolver does not manage memory of objects created outside of its environment. Thus, you have to explicitly remove and delete your LSCallback at the end of the search.



callback The function that will be called during LocalSolver search.
~LSCallback Default virtual destructor.


virtual void localsolver::LSCallback::callback(LocalSolver &solver, LSCallbackType type)
= 0

The function that will be called during LocalSolver search.

  • solver - The solver calling the function.
  • type - The type of event that triggered the call.

virtual localsolver::LSCallback::~LSCallback()

Default virtual destructor.