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For all the optimization problems below you will find the corresponding LocalSolver models in LSP, Python, C++, C# and Java. The number of stars represents the complexity of each example. You can use the filter buttons to see the examples related to each type of optimization problem. Feel free to contact us if you encounter any difficulty with these examples or with the modeling of your optimization problems.






Curve Fitting


Facility Location (FLP)


Smallest Circle


Traveling Salesman (TSP)


Branin Function


Max Cut


Hosaki Function


Car Sequencing


Car Sequencing Color


Social Golfer


Steel Mill Slab Design


Bin Packing (BPP)


Capacitated Facility Location (CFLP)


Optimal Bucket


Portfolio Selection Optimization Problem


Capacitated Vehicle Routing (CVRP)


Capacitated Arc Routing (CARP)


K-Means Clustering (MSSC)


Quadratic Assignment (QAP)


Assembly Line Balancing (SALBP)


Flow Shop


Job Shop (JSP)


Job Shop with Intensity


Flexible Job Shop (FJSP)


Flexible Job Shop with Setup Times


Open Shop


Stochastic Scheduling


Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem


Flexible Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem


Vehicle Routing with Time Windows (CVRPTW)


Pickup and Delivery with Time Windows (PDPTW)


Clustered Vehicle Routing (cluVRP)


Inventory Routing (IRP)


Split Delivery Vehicle Routing (SDVRP)


Time Dependent Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (TDCVRPTW)


Location Routing Problem (LRP)


Prize Collecting Vehicle Routing Problem (PCVRP)


Aircraft Landing


Movie Shoot Scheduling


Revenue Management