Quick start guide

This Quick Start Guide gives you an overview of LocalSolver’s main features and helps you to build your first model in few minutes. This guide is divided in two main parts: first, we will show you how to use LocalSolver with the dedicated modeling language. The modeler comes with a wide range of builtin functions: Input/output, string manipulation, algorithm functions, ... that enable you to be quickly operationnal with LocalSolver, even if you are not confident with programming. This step is also a good training to acquire the modelisation principles specific to LocalSolver. In the second part, we will present the LocalSolver’s callable libraries (Python, C++, Java, .Net) to integrate your models in your enterprise applications.

This documentation is just a QuickStart. For advanced needs, we encourage you to read:

  • The LSP Reference manual that descibes precisely the modeler behavior and all the available functions and modules.
  • The example tour that show you how to apply LocalSolver on a bunch of problems.
  • The solver APIs for Java, .NET, C++ and Python.

Code examples, including those presented here, are available in folder examples of your LocalSolver directory.